All age groups require different kinds of wedding favors. When looking for teenage wedding favor ideas you should think about the things that teenagers like or that they could use.

Naturally, it is best to personalize these items so that they will become a reminder of the big event.

Teenage Wedding Favour Ideas

Edible wedding favor ideas for teenagers


One of the best ideas is to offer edible favors. Usually, people think about sweets, such as packets of M&Ms or lollipops. There are a lot of companies that offer personalized lollipops. You may have your initials on the lollipops or even your picture.

Rubber ducky

You might think that people get old for this kind of teenagers’ ideas for wedding favors, but you can be sure that nobody is too old for rubber duckies. It is a really good idea to have the duckies in the shape of a bride and groom. This is something that the guests will certainly enjoy.


When it comes to teenage wedding favor ideas, there is nothing that can beat homemade cookies.

If you are an experienced cook, you may try baking the cookies yourself and you might add your monograms to them as well. If not, there are some bakeries specialized in creating personalized baked goods.

Set of soaps

Although you may feel like this is sending an unpleasant message to the guests, the idea for teenagers’ wedding favors is actually a pretty good one. Soap is something that everybody uses and they are quite easy to personalize, not to mention that this way the wedding favors won’t cost you too much.

Compact mirror

When it comes to the teenage wedding favor ideas you may say that this favor is more suitable for the teenage girls. Well, if you have favors of this kind you can be sure that they will simply love it and they won’t just throw it in a drawer. It is a favor that girls will actually use.

Chocolate letter

The couples looking for more special tips for a wedding favor for teens may want to consider offering the guests letters made of chocolate. These may be their initials so some other letter that means something to them. The main point is for the favors to have a special meaning.

The people searching for teenage wedding favor ideas could think about offering travel size goods, such as shampoo or soap because this is something that everybody needs.

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