Wedding favors are a token of thank you from the bride and groom to their guests who have attended in celebration of their union.

Cultural history has given different meaning to these personalized wedding favors. Whatever your way of giving these, it can only mean a thank you to your special guests.

In choosing personalized wedding favors, it is recommended to base this on your wedding theme. For example, if you’re planning a Hawaiian wedding, you can have some specially picked seashells to write your thank you note to your guests.

Make it as unique and creative as ever. If you wish to give a neutral wedding favor, the most recommended is a printed picture of the bride and groom with their thank you note written on it.

Here are some more personalized wedding favors ideas:


    This beverage made of fermented juice of grapes is one of the most special wedding favors you can give. By asking your supplier to print or stick something on the bottle that indicates your thank you note and the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding, it can turn out to be a very special personalized wedding favor.

    Note card

      Note cards that you can also request to be printed by the same supplier of your wedding invitations are a good form of personalized wedding favors. These thank you notes are put on your designated table in the wedding reception with your name on it.

      Miniature gas lamps

        Miniature gas lamps are also nice and useful personalized wedding favors. You can apply a scented wick to keep a nice soft fragrance when it’s lighted.

        Scented candles

          Scented candles are common yet useful personalized wedding favors. Some supplies can print and carve the name of the bride and groom on these candles. It comes in different colors and scents of your preference.

          Handmade baskets

            Handmade baskets that serve as a potpourri can be given to your primary sponsors. This kind of personalized wedding favors consists of petals and spices that give fragrance to the air and even contain some bath soaps.


              Figurines are one of the most common personalized wedding favors that are given in this kind of occasion. You can have porcelain figurines given to your guests with your names and date of your wedding engraved on them.

              Music CDs

                You can compile your favorite love songs and download them in a CD. They will serve as unique personalized wedding favors since your guests will remember your wedding every time they listen to it. You can also include your picture on the cover.

                Personalized wedding favors are the latest trend. Instead of buying something from a wedding store, think of your own creative ways of saying thank you to your invitees.

                They don’t need to be expensive since you can use all sorts of materials. The best thing about it is they are personalized, making them stand out from traditional, ready-made wedding favors.


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