Silver Wedding Bells!

With amazing silver wedding bells, your guests won’t be able to resist themselves ringing these shiny sliver painted bells.

Silver wedding bells are absolutely perfect for wedding, engagement parties and also for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

If your wedding is bell-themed wedding, these bells certainly adds a great style to your wedding theme. Not only for bell-themed wedding, the clean and sleek, polished design make these silver bells really a beautiful addition to any wedding theme. You can double your wedding table decorations with these beautiful silver bells.

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Gold Jordan Almonds!

These gold foil covered Jordan almonds adds a touch of sophistication to your special event of life. You can display these gold almonds in a decorative bowl or you can also use them to fill clear favor boxes and present them to your guests at wedding reception.

While selecting bulk candy to fill your favor bags or other types of packaging, sometimes it can be quite challenging for you to determine exactly how many pieces will it need to fill each container.

So, here you can decide how many almonds you exactly need to fill your favor bag or tin.

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