Wedding favors have always been a concern for any bride. In case you are stepping out of the budget, there are inexpensive ideas you can consider as the perfect gift for your maids.

The classical bags of the company L. L. Bean are the gifts that will surely impress with style and an artistic touch, in case you decide to transform them in your own style.

The Boat and Tote Bags are one of these bags considered as perfect for all kinds of events. The company is offering several models, but if you want to add your personal touch decorate them yourself.

Make sure you are adding patterns that match your wedding style and express the symbol you want to represent. Add flower patterns, in case you are going for traditional wedding.

The color combinations are always preferable, for they add more fun to your wedding favors. The bags come with different sizes. Choose the medium size, for it is considered as a good idea for a gift.



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