When it comes to wedding favors, the majority of the people are looking for inexpensive wedding favors that they could give to their guests as a form of appreciation that they attended the event. These favors could be a keepsake, functional or edible, and the best thing about them is that you could create the favors on your own.

1. Candles as inexpensive wedding favors

Although the majority of the people when they are thinking about cheap wedding favors they are thinking about something to buy, you could create these candles on your own to make sure that you make economy.

Inexpensive Wedding Favors2. Personalized matchboxes

In case you are thinking about budget wedding favors, this is something you should really consider. They are easy to create and you can add a logo, messages, dates and you can also use the color theme of the wedding.

3. Soap

You shouldn’t think that it is offensive to offer soap to the guests. You should choose your favorite scent and turn them into special shaped soap. All you have to do is to use the melt and pour method.

4. Seeds

You could offer seeds as cheap wedding favors. You can find them at specialty stores and you should choose your favorite plants to offer to the guests. Make sure that you personalize the packaging with instructions, messages and colors.

5. Bath scrub

This is a wonderful idea for inexpensive wedding favors and you can be sure that the guests will appreciate your efforts. There are a lot of different homemade bath scrubs that you could make, and all there is left is to prepare the packaging. Make sure to add the instructions as well.

6. CD’s

If you would like the guests to remember the atmosphere of your wedding, you can make sure through offering this cheap wedding favor. You could burn the songs of the wedding to a CD, and also the CD itself can be personalized.

7. Hot cocoa

You might be looking for some inexpensive wedding favors that are edible, and in case you are going to have a winter wedding, there is nothing better than a bottle of homemade cocoa.

8. Cookies

In case you are good with baking, you could make cookies as cheap wedding favors. The idea is even better if you allow the guests to choose their favorite cookies and let them bring the cookies home in a box.

9. Wedding cake

In order to make sure that the guests will remember your wedding after it is over, you could make some wedding cakes on your own, and offer slices of it to the guests. Since most probably you won’t have time for baking before the wedding, prepare the cakes in advance and freeze them.

In the large majority of cases it’s not about the inexpensive wedding favors, but the way they are presented. If you find a nice way to present the favors, it doesn’t really matter what you are offering anymore; the guests will love the favors anyway so just go ahead and get creative.



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