Wedding Reception FavorsWedding planning is a very difficult and stressful task to do. Selecting the wedding favors is not a small task.

Proper planning lets you to have a wonderful wedding experience. Most of the brides will only focus their attention around the dress and locations.

You should also spend some time to choose wedding reception favors for your guests.

Choose the wedding reception favors that fit with the style and theme of your wedding. These favors will serve as a remembrance and a remainder of the couple’s love.

In order to get ideas about wedding favors, it is better to read bridal magazines, novelty stores and also consult a wedding planner.

Best ideas for wedding reception favors:

One of the most popular types of wedding reception favors is an elegant favor. These elegant favors are best fit for classical themed weddings or wedding occasions that are attempting to create a traditional or elegant feel.

You will get elegant wedding reception favors at a reasonable cost if you are familiar about the places to look.

Here are the few elegant wedding reception favors:

  • Wedding dress napkin holders
  • Napkin rings by calligraphy place tag settings
  • Fishing basket place card settings
  • Quilted purse boxes with mints
  • Satin petal utensil covers
  • Personalized wedding candy
  • Tuxedo napkin holder

Engraved wedding reception favors are also another option that you can get for your guests. Don’t think that you cannot afford for engraved favors to give your guests. You can buy these favors at reasonable cost in many wholesale stores.

Here are the few engraved wedding favors:

  • Engraved frames
  • Engraved glass wear
  • Engraved key chains

If you are planning to give the wedding favor gift bags, you can also consider gift tags as wedding favors. You will find these tags in different styles like romantic, religious, funny, and contemporary.

While you are going to shop for these tags, it is better to look for the ones that will be suitable with the wedding decoration, the style and the theme of your wedding.

Wedding favor candies and candle holders are best for a sweeter wedding reception favor. You can order these favors that match with your wedding colors and also personalize every candy.

You can choose these favors from a wide variety of styles and designs. Select these in accordance with your chosen wedding theme and color.

Symbolic sun catchers are also best as wedding favors for your guests. Not only these look unique, but also they will give a definite memorable factor for the wedding. For example, if your wedding has a flower theme, then you can choose floral sun catchers as wedding reception favors.

While searching for the wedding reception favors, look for the shops that offer best deals. You will easily get discount wedding favors if you identify where to look. Always choose the things that are elegant and stylish.



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