Although you might be thinking of honey as the sweet and sticky thing, you should know that in ancient times it has been considered the symbol of beauty, love and fertility. This is why you may be looking for honey wedding favors. Even more, according to Greek mythology Cupid used to dip his arrows into honey to fill the heart of people with sweetness.

Honey jars as wedding favors with honey

Let’s face it: everybody likes sweet things, and there are only a few people that don’t like honey. So, what could be more suitable to offer as a wedding favor on the most important day of your life than to offer a jar of honey? The best thing about these jars is that they come with labels that can be personalized.

Honey Wedding FavorsYou can add the name of the bride and the groom, the date of the event, or as a personal touch to the wedding favors with honey, you can also add the name of the guests.

There are many different kinds of jars to choose from, and also there are a lot of companies that are handling such products.

Honey pot and honey dipper

When you are considering honey wedding favors, you don’t necessarily have to think about honey itself. Also consider the items related to it, such as the honey pot and honey dipper.

The ones that we are referring to are made of ceramic and they have yellow and black bees on them. The pots have lids that also have a notch on them so that you can put the dipper in the pot and only the handle will be visible, having a heart at the end. Naturally the dipper itself of the wedding favors involving honey is made of wood.

Beehive candle

The candle is a common wedding favor, but the scented candle in the shape of a beehive is one of the special honey wedding favors. The candles have a bright yellow color and once they get lit they offer a very nice scent of honey that can also be sensed if the candle isn’t lit.

Beeswax candles

In our days it is very important to have environment friendly items, and this is something to keep in mind when looking for wedding favors involving honey. So you could opt for the candles that are natural and that have been entirely made of beeswax. The candles have a really natural look and there is also a bee that looks more than alive.


As you could have seen, you can find honey wedding favors in the form of candles, but you should also know that there are some other things made of beeswax as well. You could find figurines of different shapes made of this material and although these only have a decorative purpose, they also have that specific scent.

When you are looking for wedding favors involving honey you should be looking for those products that are natural to offer honey wedding favors that are green.



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