Wedding favors are small gifts offered to the guests as a kind gesture of appreciation and gratitude for attending the special event of the couple. The best way to honor guests on your weddings is with a eco-friendly favors as they not only stand unique but opens up with a global welfare message.

It is great to give them an organic treat to eat or even a handful of seeds to feed some wildlife. Green wedding favors have the potential to be very personal, wholesome and also creative. Below given are some interesting green ideas for wedding favors:

green ideas for wedding favors

Plantable Seeds Pack

This is an eco-friendly way so as to have a green wedding. You can go green by gifting your guests with plantable seeds in an attractive box.

Mini Flower pots

For a Green wedding, the couple should look for a gift that will benefit them, the guests and Mother Nature. Hence, returning your guests with mini herb pots is a superb idea to accomplish the above mentioned three tasks.


Everybody wants a home to live in, be it humans or animals or birds. The most difficult task of building a house for themselves is of birds, since they need to collect each and every stick needed for the nest.

Moreover, they need to always be on the guard owing to the fact that other animals share the very same habitat. Hence, a birdhouse made up of eco Friendly materials should be on your “green favors” checklist.

Shopping bags

A shopping bag made up of an eco friendly material would be a great option as wedding favors to the guests and would look amazing.

Soy Candles

For a wedding, candles not only symbolize emotional warmth but are also energy efficient. The soy candles are made from soy wax that is processed using the soybean oil. These candles make for a perfect wedding favor gift as they are not only green but are available in almost every size, shape, color, and scent.

Other than the above mentioned ideas, you can also experiment with the following gifts:

  •  Pack of Baked Cookies
  • Pack of organic tea sachets
  • Terrarium
  • Bamboo made coasters or other products

Since return gifts are considered as good gesture, why not make them eco-friendly at the same time so as to save the Mother Nature as well.

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