Today’s world is going gaga over technology and it is no exception with the couples getting married. The modern couples are generally tech savvy and is sure to prefer gadgets that are smart and handy over regular gift items, on their wedding day.

Wedding gifts are meant to help the couples to start their new life. To make the life of the tech savvy couples easier with the magic wand of technology, you can gift the couples various gadgets that are unique in their own way.

gift to a tech savvy couple on their wedding

Unique Gift Items

The wedding gift is not only meant for the bride or the groom. So while selecting the items, one need to keep in mind the taste of both. Here is a list of few gadgets which is sure to bring a smile on the face of the couple on their D-day.


This is a very useful gift as it can prove to be invaluable for both. A good camera is surely going to document their honeymoon memories and also any other cherished moments in the future. The camera is always among the most loved gift items.

Digital Photoframe

The couples can display their wedding memories and all other cherished moments on this digital photo frame. This gift item is sure to remain with the couples throughout their life.

Fitbit Activity Tracker

If the couples are fitness freaks, this gadget is best for them.  It allows the couple to have a fitness goal and execute it in a friendly competition.

Smart Scale

This is also for the tech savvy and fitness freak couples who can use this gadget to keep track of their health and fitness. This can be done with the help of customized profiles and also with an integrated smartphone.


Although it is like an apple TV, it is compatible with the non-iOS devices. Through this device the couples can enjoy shortcuts to Netflix and hulu. It is ideal for a lazy night.

Speakers Play 3

Speakers are always a good choice as it is a useful gadget. The play 3 is more useful as it gets integrated with the other speakers also. The couples can sync it with other speakers in other rooms.

Kindle Paperwhite

If the couple loves reading, then Kindle is the best gift for them. You can gift them this e- library that fits in their bag.

Before selecting a gift item for the tech savvy couples make sure that you know their zone of interest.


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