These days, couples are shifting away from the traditional white wedding approach and are incorporating creative themes into their celebrations. Almost every aspect of the wedding celebration is now customizable to each couple’s tastes, and you can practically do all of your wedding shopping for party decorations, gifts, and wedding favors online at American Bridal.

american bridalWedding favors are especially important to your celebration because they leave your guests with a lasting impression of your party! Here are a few ideas on how to work your wedding favors into that spectacular party theme you’ve been dreaming up for months:

Beach Theme

If you’ve been waiting all year for summer beach weather, you’re in luck! Incorporate beach-themed wedding favors into your seaside celebration and your guests will feel like they are taking a piece of the shoreline home with them!

Consider giving your guests a seashell-shaped bottle opener, lighthouse themed etched glass coasters – or if your celebration is an all-day outdoor event, sunscreen sticks with personalized labels would be a unique and practical gift!

Casino Theme

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas anymore… Send your guests home with Vegas-themed wedding favors, and they’ll think they hit the jackpot! Choose mini slot machine favors that dispense candies instead of quarters, or consider giving out personalized decks of playing cards! Vegas-themed mint tins would be a huge hit too!

Garden Party Theme

If your wedding is garden party themed, you’ll need tons of beautiful flowers! Why don’t you send guests home with personalized packets of flower seeds so that they can create a garden of their own? Other great options are floral votive candles, or butterfly-shaped bottle stoppers?


If you’re going green for your wedding, choose favors that are made from eco-friendly materials. Give your guests personalized photo albums produced from recycled paper so that they can keep memories from your celebration on display. Other options include trendy coasters made from natural bamboo, or plantable (and biodegradable) place cards that contain wildflower seeds and instructions on how to plant them! Talk about giving back to the earth!


If you do opt for the classic white wedding, there are still great wedding favor ideas out there for you! Choose beautifully decorated votive candles or tealight holders, which can act as table décor before they are taken home! You could also choose wedding bells, with which your guests can help you ring in a wonderful new life as a married couple.

Regardless of which theme you choose for your celebration, the surefire way to hit a home run with your guests is to personalize your wedding favors. You can customize almost any wedding favor these days by monogramming, engraving, and etching designs into them.

You can also make personalized transparent labels for a clean look as well. If your names and wedding date are on the gifts, you can be sure that your guests will think of you and your wonderful celebration every time they put them to use!



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