If you have decided to have your wedding in the fall, you should be looking for some fall wedding favors that would reflect the spirit of the season. You may know that there are several well-known symbols of fall, and you could use them to get an idea about what to offer to the guests as a sign of gratitude.

1. Candles as fall wedding favors

The candles are common wedding favors, but you could do something special with them. Start with wrapping tapers in vellum and then add to them blossoms, or boxes decorated with leaves and florets. These should be added to the candles with the help of a threaded chord.

Fall Wedding Favors2. Tote bag

This might not sound like a real favor for a fall wedding, but you could turn it into one. Choose those tote bags that come with the print of a leaf. This is easy to do if you add paint to leaves and then press them against different fabrics, such as cotton, canvas or linen.

This is one of the favors for a fall wedding that the guests will simply love.

3. Candles again

There are many ways through which you can turn usual candles into real favors for a fall wedding. You should create your own homemade candles and add impressions of mountain laurel, lemon or rhododendron.

4. Address book

In case you would like to offer something new to the guests as fall wedding favors, think about address books. These are quite inexpensive, and you could create a stamp with your name and address and add it to the address book so that the guests will be able to stay in touch with you. Then you should make a mark at the page where you have added the stamp.

5. Tea bags

In case you have a favorite tea, you should buy it in bulk and turn it into one of the favors for a fall wedding. Then add all the tea bags to a basket to look nice, and add custom labels to the bags with a message or a quote.

6. Votives

Glass votives are a nice idea as fall wedding favors. In order to create the fall feeling, you should wrap them in dried cornhusks. This way you will have a nice glow.

7. Cookie jar

If you have been thinking about offering cookies as favors for a fall wedding, it is a must to offer them in a cookie jar. Naturally we aren’t talking about those huge jars, but the ones that look more like a charm. There is also a homemade looking tag that comes with a message.

8. Pumpkins and candles

Pumpkins are true symbols of fall and so they are just perfect for fall wedding favors. The best is to get some candles in the shape of pumpkins to add some light to the home of the guests and also to add a bit of fall feeling. These are nice additions to the tables at the reception as well to enhance the fall feeling.



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