When it comes to organizing a wedding, there is a lot that the bride and groom have to be thinking about, including wedding favor ideas. Offering wedding favors is a nice way to thank your guests that they were together with you on one of the most important days of your life and you can make sure that they will have something to remind them of this special day.

1. Memo clips as wedding favor ideas

There are numerous shapes and forms that you will find the memo clips in, but you should have in mind the butterfly shaped ones. These can be used at home or the office and they are made even more special through the rhinestone that has been embedded in the ‘body’ of the butterfly.

Wedding Favor Ideas2. Ladybug

Of course this idea for wedding favors doesn’t refer to actual living ladybugs. You should be thinking about the magnets that you can find in this shape, and these are just perfect in case you have your wedding during the spring or the summer, because ladybugs are considered to be the symbol of these seasons.

3. Cherry blossom candle

In case you are looking for an idea for wedding favors that has something to do with love, good fortune and affection, than you most certainly need something with cherry blossoms. Choosing a candle of this kind is a very nice gesture because there are some that have been decorated with this symbol.

4. Cocktail

If your wedding has a different style, you might be looking for other kinds of ideas for wedding favors. The idea of offering candles might still seem to be appealing, but there should be a twist to it. Think about those gel candles that are poured in a martini class, with an olive in it. Such as favor is playful and in the same time functional.

5. Box it

When you are thinking about edible wedding favor ideas you might be thinking about what to package them in. In case you have a winter wedding there is nothing prettier than offering a white box in the shape of a snowflake that will make your wedding even more elegant.

6. Cosmetic bag

It seems appealing for every woman to find ideas for wedding favors that have something to do with beauty. This is why you might consider offering the guests a traveling bag that is filled with goodies for beauty. You can be sure that this one of the wedding favor ideas will be appreciated by the female guests.

7. Time

One of the most important elements of a wedding is champagne, and this could give you some ideas for wedding favors. As an example you could offer the guests a champagne bucket timer. This way they will know when their champagne has reached the perfect temperature.

8. Bottle openers

The best thing about this one of the wedding favor ideas is that they come in many different shapes and forms and so you can be sure to find some that are suitable for the style of your wedding.



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