The Asian theme is one of the most popular wedding themes of them all, especially in case the bride or the groom is Asian. In this case you would also need Asian wedding favors.


One of the traditional wedding favors for Asians is the candle. This is a really good idea, especially in case it comes with the character that means double happiness. This way you can combine the Asian and the western civilizations. Naturally there are some other characters that you can use as well, not only this one.


Asian Wedding FavorsThis plant is a special wedding favor for Asians because it is an important part of the culture. It would be a good idea to get bamboo place card holders and later in the evening use them as favors as well.

This way you could make some economies.


In case you are looking for Asian wedding favors, there is nothing more characteristic of the culture than the chopsticks. These are popular wedding favors, because they come in pairs, representing the new couple.

Fortune cookies

When wondering about wedding favors for Asians there is something that you should never forget about: fortune cookies. In case you have these kinds of cookies at the reception, the guests will feel like they are in an upscale Asian restaurant, making the theme even more visible. It is easy to order wedding themed fortune cookies, and you can even personalize the fortunes for them to become Asian wedding favors.

You could get these packaged in Asian themed favor boxes and you can wrap them individually for each guest, or place them in the center of the tables to be within arms’ reach.

To make them look more exotic, you could also add some frost or other kinds of decorations.


Another characteristic of the Asian culture are those colorful fans, and so you could use them as wedding favors for Asians. You could fold them on your own as well, so you will have to spend less on the favors. These are practical in case it gets hot on the dance floor and they could be also used after the wedding is over.


You don’t have to get a full size kimono as Asian wedding favors. Opt for a Kimono style shirt to decorate the seating. Although they aren’t really useful, for sure the guests will be happy to take them home after the wedding so that they will always remember your big day.


Naturally we aren’t talking about having take-out as wedding favor for Asians, but a box that looks like the ones used for take outs, that can be filled with fortune cookies, that have been mentioned before. These little boxes will remain long after the cookies are all gone.


Lanterns could also turn into Asian wedding favors. Naturally you don’t have to be thinking about full size lanterns, but their smaller version which adds some color to the wedding as decoration, but  which can also be taken home.



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