Weddings are made even more unforgettable with wedding giveaways.

They are souvenirs that you give away to your guests during your special day. They are reminders of how you celebrated your wedding and how they became part of it.

It is very challenging to look for the right wedding giveaways. For starters, they should match your motif and fit your budget.

Below you will fine samples of cute wedding giveaways that will surely delight your guests:

1. A CD of your favorite songs

    You can make a compilation of you and your partner’s well-loved music. They should be romantic ones that reflect your love for each other. Place it in a case with your picture in front and tie with a ribbon.

    2. Porcelain figurines

      Figurines are popular wedding giveaways. You can have yours that matches your motif or wedding theme. Just emboss your names and the date of your wedding on the figurine.

      3. Native or recycled products

        You can have unique wedding giveaways by using native or recycled products. You can have a picture frame or treasure box made from shells or recycled paper.

        If you want to have cute and unique wedding giveaways, you should try the samples presented above. Your guests will love to receive something special as a souvenir of your wedding.



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