Crystal has always been associated with elegance and sophistication, so it might be a really good idea to have crystal wedding favors. Although a lot of people think that such favors are very expensive, you should know that in the majority of the cases they cost less than $10.

Candy crystal favors for wedding

You may want to send a ‘sweet’ message to the people who have attended your wedding, and there is no better way to do so than to offer a candy made of crystal. This also comes with wrappers make of metal that has been embellished with silver. They come in a special heart shaped box with satin that also has a bow on the top.

Crystal Wedding FavorsPerfume bottle

When you are looking for crystal favors for wedding you could want to get something that is practical and useful, so you could opt for a perfume bottle.

There are numerous designs to choose from, and there are some of them that come with a heart on the top.

You have to screw the top of the bottle off to find the applicator. The box that this one of the crystal wedding favors comes in is just the same as in the previous case.


Your wedding may have a romantic theme, and then there is nothing more suitable to offer to your loved ones than a single rose made of crystal. The bud of the crystal favors for wedding, naturally, is made of crystal, while the rest of the rose is made of metal. Of course this favor is suitable for women only (not to get in awkward situations).


You may know that this is the symbol of freedom and beauty. This one of the crystal wedding favors comes with its body and wings made of crystal and it can become a nice addition for just any room, making it a great wedding favor.


In case you are looking for crystal favors for wedding that are somewhat special, then you should consider offering a clamshell made of crystal. The clamshell is opened and it reveals a single pearl. It is just perfect for those weddings that have a beach style and you could also offer them in case of bridal showers.


It is possible that you aren’t a fan of romantic things, and so you may prefer the crystal wedding favors in the shape of a globe. Offering such a favor could mean that the person in question means the world to you. The globe itself is made of crystal, while the base and the axe are made of silver.

Oil bottle

When you are looking for out of the box crystal favors for your wedding, you might consider offering an oil bottle that is a great addition to any kitchen and you can be sure that your guests will love them.

You may see that there are many different crystal wedding favors that you could consider and you don’t have to worry about the price either.



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