In the moment when you start organizing your wedding, you should also think about the favors, and so you might take into consideration the coffee wedding favors. This is a kind of favor that anybody would like to get and the guests for sure will use them happily. If you opt for such an idea, you can be sure that your favor won’t gather dust on a shelf, but it will be used.

Coffee as wedding favors involving coffee

Coffee Wedding Favors

Seems like we are stating the obvious here, but this is the easiest place to start. In case the wedding theme is special, you could use that as the starting point to find the coffee that you should be offering.

As an example if your wedding has a Hawaiian theme, you could choose Kona Coffee.

On the other hand if the wedding has no specific theme but you would still like to offer wedding favors involving coffee, then you could look around the local roasters so that they would become your suppliers.This way you can also support the local businesses.Still, there is also a third option that you may want to consider: offer your guests your favorite coffee flavor.

When looking for coffee wedding favors you should think about both the people that like coffee with caffeine and without it, so get both of the kinds.


These kinds of wedding favors including coffee mean that you should add a special feature to the coffee you are going to offer. For example you could add the name of the bride and the groom, or even the name of the guests that you are going to offer them to. It is easy to personalize in this way, because all you have to do is to add a label to the packaging of the coffee, which should look the way you want it to.


If you are more like a person that is thinking outside the box, you might like mugs as coffee wedding favors. The best thing about them is that they are easy to find and you can personalize them according to your will and also according to the wedding theme. In case you would like to do something more elaborate, you could add a picture to the mugs, so the guests will be able to enjoy their coffee with the bride and groom smiling at them from the coffee wedding favors.

Stir spoons

This one of the wedding favors involving coffee needs a bit of creativity to make it more interesting. You should buy a bunch of plastic spoons and dip them into melted chocolate. You can be sure that you will surprise your guests.

Coffee beans

As wedding favors involving coffee you could take coffee beans and dip them into chocolate, just as in the previous case. You can be sure that the guests will appreciate your efforts.

You can see that there are many coffee wedding favors lying at your hands, you just have to choose which one to use.



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