Let’s face it: everybody likes chocolate, and this is why it might be perfect to offer chocolate wedding favors. All you have to do is to add some ribbons and some colors, and the good old chocolate will come to new life, looking festive.

Chocolate Wedding FavorsWhat kind of chocolate wedding favors to offer?

There are several different kinds of chocolates that you can choose from for your wedding, but you should know that in the majority of the cases people would like to keep it simple. When it comes to wedding favors made of chocolate, you should look for a kind of chocolate that is suitable for the wedding.

As an example, in case you are having the wedding outdoors, you could offer a mixture of different kinds of chocolate, nuts and dried cherries. On the other hand, if you would like to have something elegant, it is enough to offer the guests one single truffle.

The season during which the wedding takes place could also influence the wedding favors made of chocolate. As an example, in case you are having the wedding during the fall, have the chocolate in the shape of leafs.


Since you will need quite a lot of chocolate, it is very likely that you will buy it in bulk and then package it on your own. The good thing about this is that you can customize the packaging of the wedding favors made of chocolate. You have to decide whether you are going to have the chocolate in small boxes or bags. While it is more formal to place them in small boxes, in case you are on a tight budget, you could package them in cellophane bags.


These are meant to give color to the chocolate wedding favors. You could be using the traditional wedding colors, but you could also change them with the color theme of the wedding, or have different colors on each table. Adding the finishing touch of the ribbon makes it possible for you to have some fun.

Add a note to the wedding favors made of chocolate

This is usually written by the bride or groom, and it could be a simple thank you note for the fact that they accompanied you on your big day or it can be famous quote. There are also some people who prefer to be a bit more creative when it comes to the text.

Make a brand

In case you would like your chocolate wedding favors to look more elegant, you could create an image on your computer that looks like the wrapping of the original chocolate, and print the image on the wrappers. As an example there are a lot of people who are imitating Hershey’s.

The method of offering the wedding favors made of chocolate

It is important to offer the favors to the guests in a way that they will remember. As an example, in case Christmas is close to the wedding, you could place all the chocolate wedding favors under a tree.



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