Black and white themes may be little unordinary and not usually preferred for a wedding ceremony because of its dark and somewhat gloomy implication.

But actually, black and white creates an effectual theme for the union of two persons, of two souls.

The opposing chromes of black and white are considered as a perfect union and inseparability of the couple. So, it will be really fun and also easy to plan for black and white themed wedding. Here are few black and white theme wedding favor ideas for you.

Martini Glass Gel Candle

This cool wedding favor warms up any event of your wedding- reception, dinner, shower or cocktail party. The clear gel of the candle burns intensely in the martin glass made of real glass.

The more impressive that the candle is the little gorgeous gift box with black and white olive print in which the candle arrives.

A transparent window of the gift box showcases the candle. It also includes a “Thank you” graphic printed on the gorgeous gift box. [ via ]

Elegant & Personalized Coffee Kit

These simple and elegant wedding favors will surely warm up mugs of your guests. Standing 6.5″ tall, these brilliant coffee kits also adds drama and height to your reception table decoration.

Inside the bag you will find a 2ounces of delicious ground coffee and the complete favor is precisely finished off with a delicate heart shaped coffee spoon. [ via ]



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