It is just natural for the wedding to be something unforgettable for the couple, but there are some ways through which it could also become unforgettable for the guests. One of these ways is to offer the best wedding favors.

Napkins as the top wedding favors

Nothing seems to be special about napkins, but they can become out of the ordinary in case they are personalized. Even more, it is a major trend in our days to have eco-friendly weddings, and so you might want to get eco-friendly napkins as well.

Best Wedding FavorsPen and holder

This can be considered one of the classic top wedding favors. A lot of companies offer different kinds of them matching a wedding theme but in the same time they are useful for the guests and you can be sure that in case they see the favor every day, they won’t forget your wedding anytime soon.

Place card frame

This is also one of the classic pieces, and in the same time it is one of the best wedding favors. This is because they can be used during the wedding, but the guests can use them as photo frames after the wedding. You could consider it a 2-in-1 product.

Rose petals

In case there is something that rose petals remind people of, it is the weddings that they have attended. Allow the guests to take a little piece of your wedding with them, by offering some boxed rose petals. This is one of the top wedding favors that you can offer.

Sugared almonds

In case you are looking for the best wedding favors that are sweet, this is the way to go. Although offering sugar cubes is more traditional, this is also a great favor. The almonds come in any color that you can think of, and this is great because you can be sure that they will match the overall theme of the wedding.

Chocolate hearts

Just as in case of the sugared almonds, these are also one of the top wedding favors because they can have any color that you can think of, and chocolate is something that everybody likes and this is why the guests will be happy to receive them.

Retro sweets

In case you are looking for the current best wedding favors, consider retro sweets. These refer to those sweets that were popular when the bride and groom were children. You could be thinking about Dib-Dabs, Black Jacks, Mojo’s and let’s not forget about Love Hearts. The advantage of the later is that there are numerous messages that you can add to the candy and there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Personalized lollipop

This is one of the top wedding favors because they make people smile. Naturally they should have a wedding theme and they must be wrapped in a nice manner. It is also a good idea to add a bit of ribbon to it. As you can see, it is easy to find the best wedding favors.



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