Theme weddings are a delight for the guests and the bride and groom alike, although the to-be-wedded couple may have spent days and days putting all aspects of the theme together.

Theme weddings create a great ambience and one can see the large amount of thought that has gone into achieving every aspect of the wedding. No doubt the wedding favors too have to match the theme of the wedding to make it a memorable event.

The theme wedding favors will always remind the guests of the wedding and the lovely themed ambience created for the event. Among the popular themes, beach themed weddings are hugely favored for those who want an informal and carefree ambience for their wedding. A beach theme brings with it a free spirit and a lot of joy.

Beach Wedding Favors

For couples who are planning their beach theme wedding, there are a lot of ideas for wedding favors and other accessories required for the wedding.

The beach theme wedding favors in particular can be really cute and memorable.

The list of favors is endless and you can pick any number of products to help you take your theme up a notch and also serve as the perfect favor for the guests to take home.

You will need accents and products that carry the nautical theme of sand castles, sea animals like sea horses, starfishes, shells and other reminders of the beach like lounge decks, towels, sand buckets and many more other.

You can choose and pick from the myriad variety of products easily available. Smaller articles like soaps and compacts shaped like sea shells, sea shell ornaments, sea shell keep sake box, candles embedded with sea shells or starfishes are a just a few things you can kick start with. These can also work like take homes, when wrapped delicately and tied with a ribbon.

Beach Wedding FavorsYou can pick favors as varied as bath products, wedding mints, candles, cookies and place cards all set to emphasize the beach theme.

You can also use inexpensive beach flip flops, beach buckets, beach towels and a whole lot of other things.

Instead of buying off the shelf products for your guests as wedding favors you can get creative with beach buckets filled with inexpensive beach paraphernalia like small bottles of bath salts, sunscreen, natural sponges, bottled bubbles, sand dollars, starfishes and more other.

Even a beach bag is a great idea. A beach bag with a beach towel, flip flops and water bottles are all you need to remind your guests of the fun they had at your wedding every time they go to the beach.

The theme works beautifully if the couple is getting married on a beach, a yacht or an island or even in a church or any other place far away from the sandy delights.  Small additions like sea shells on the guest tables, place cards shaped like shells, or designed like a beach pail would increase the theme signature.

So go ahead and plan a beach wedding irrespective of whether it is on a beach or not and create an occasion your guests will not forget very soon.



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