In our days it is really trendy to have a beach wedding, and if this is something that you would like to have, you might be on a look out for easy to make beach wedding favors.

You could be thinking about something that the guests can eat, can use or simply something that will remind them of your big day.

Easy to Make Beach Wedding Favors

Straight from the kitchen

One of the best ideas that you can possibly have is to offer chocolate in the shape of seashells, seahorses or starfish. All you have to do is to buy the mold and melt some chocolate. Remember that this is a good idea only in case chocolate won’t melt during the reception.

Personalized items

Since you will have your wedding on a beach, the favors for the beach wedding that are easy to make should include personalized sunglasses for instance. Naturally you could also offer photo frames in the shape of starfish or placeholders made of real shell.

Shell candle favors

You can have these easy to make beach wedding favors at your wedding and the best thing about them is that they will look just like you want them to. Some of the models will be able to sit up right on flat surfaces while others will need some hard surface to be glued to their bottom.


When it comes to the easily made beach wedding favors you should know that the starfish work extremely well for this occasion. To make them even more interesting you should add a strong magnet to them and this way they will get an all new purpose.


If you want to go for a simple favor, like chocolate, your easy to make beach wedding favors should include a nice box. Get blue boxes and glue to their top and to the sides shells. You also have the possibility to glue some sand. In the end add a nice ribbon too.

Beachy theme

In order to offer nice beach wedding favors that are simple to make, you just have to choose some terra cotta pots. Add to them some sand and white tapered candles. Then fill the pot with sand.

There are a lot of easy to make beach wedding favors that you can think of, you just need time to make them so that everything will be just as you dreamed.



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