Gardens are very special places to hold a wedding. There is nothing quite as romantic as a soft and pretty reception in a beautiful garden.

Whether you hold the wedding in an actual garden, or if you just want to add a garden style to an indoor wedding, there are many ways for you to make the event awe-inspiring and remarkable.

Especially if you are using flowers as motifs, you should be aware that your guests are going to expect you to be giving away floral-related wedding favors as well. Here are a few stimulating ideas:

Bloembox Tiny Tins

Your garden wedding will undoubtedly look glorious with these bloembox tiny tins. Each tin consists of plantable flower seeds packed in it.

These cute little tins are covered with a wonderful silk bloom that corresponds to the type of flower seeds present in the tin.

Each tin is wrapped with a message for your garden wedding- “Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower”. [ via ]

Butterfly Cookie Cutter

These butterfly cookie cutter favors give a whole new meaning to your wedding and will be a novel hit with wedding guests.

You can get the complete look of garden wedding with these favors. They are individually packed in a plastic box with a vibrant colorful butterfly theme. [ via ]



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