Brides’ taste and wedding favors usually go hand in hand. Most of the couples leave the favor choice to whoever organizes the wedding. But if you plan to be original you can do it yourself.

People generally expect to get a random favor – the type of napkins, soap, chocolate or candles. You can go for such a choice or you can simply choose something more unconventional.

wedding favors ideas

You can always buy organic coffee and ask for a special package with your names on it. Make sure you choose a brand that supports a noble cause or an environmental issue and you will surely make more than just a gift.

wedding favor

If you are a practical bride, offer your guests something they can take advantage of. You can always choose high discount coupons for famous shops, spa session tickets, restaurant invitations and so many more.

If you want to go by the book and get them something cutely wrapped with ribbon, choose organic tea or a spice box. They will love it and remember you fondly.

The options are endless and you can always choose a traditional item provided you add a personal touch to it. In the end, your wedding will be remembered exactly because of the impression the wedding details leave in your guests’ hearts.



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