wedding dressIt seems any wedding dress web sites you go to, the dresses are above $1000.00.

And even more expensive are the dresses in the little wedding boutiques that seem to have exactly what you want in your wedding dress at exactly the price you cannot pay.

Have you considered or attempted looking for your wedding dress on one of the online classified pages? Or maybe one of the online auction sites?

It is fairly easy to determine your size will be 1 to 2 sizes bigger from American sizes so if you are a 6 in American sizes you will most likely be at least an 8 in European sizes (most wedding dress designers are from Europe therefore the dresses are sized in European sizes).

Once you have determined the size of the dress you need you can log onto any of the many very popular classified and online auction sites. If you want a halter style simply enter ‘halter’ in the search function. If you want a splash of color you will find a splash of color.

The dresses will most likely have been worn once but that is fine because that is all you will wear it.



  1. Great piece of information!wedding dress is the outfit that will live on forever in photographs of her special day.Classified and online auction sites seem to be great places to buy a wedding dress!


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