Choosing the dress is actually one of the most important steps on a bride’s road towards the wedding ceremony. So many times we hear that the wedding is all about the dress. So when it comes to choosing the right dress the bride has to consider both – the location as well as her silhouette.

A formal wedding will call for a classic outfit, an elegant dress without color extravaganza or daring cleavage. The garden weddings allow an imaginative wedding dress, daring cuts and cheerful pastel nuances both on the wedding décor and the wedding dress. An elegant wedding type of those ballroom events with hundreds of guests will definitely ask for a sophisticated dress and carefully chosen jewels.

ballroom wedding

As style and design go it all depends on the bride’s personality. The posture and the silhouette of the bride can be the decisive factor. The ballroom style dress is defined by the round neckline, tight body and wide fluffy skirt. It is perfect for slim brides with a narrow waistline, but also to a slightly fuller figure.

The A type bride gown is a classic. Elegant and simple with the top following the body line and the skirt in the shape of the letter A is the right way to go for a mignonette but also for any bride with a taste for tradition.

a line wedding dress

The Empire wedding gown has the waistline placed right under the breast falling lightly in a simple fluid skirt. It is a light elegant option fitting any type of bridal silhouette and complimenting perfectly the romantic bride.

mermaid wedding gown

The bell or mermaid style wedding dress is perfect for a sophisticated bride. The tight upper body and the ample spectacular skirt starting over the knee line make it the right dress for a trendy wedding event.

So far colors go the wedding gowns no longer have to be white. Depending on the design the dress can be any color from white to red. The modern brides gave up white in favor of cream, beige and ivory and also favor grey and blue.

trumpet wedding gown

As the latest designs by Vera Wang and Michael Kors reached the extremes in style, the wedding gowns of the last years followed a few distinct patterns returning to the spectacular all girls dream about while thinking of their wedding.



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