The wedding reception dress has a huge role to play in the way that you feel during the event. In case you don’t dress fancy enough, or you dress to fancy, you will stand out in the crowd. Most probably this isn’t the kind of impression that you want to leave on people. Unless you are one of the newlyweds, you should make some inquiries before choosing your dress.

The invitation as part of the ideas for wedding reception dress

In many of the cases the invitation informs regarding the attire that the newlyweds expect to see. The invitation could say formal or black tie and you should make your decisions based on the invitation. According to this you will need a ball gown or a full length dress.

Wedding Reception DressThe venue

The place that the reception takes place at could have an important clue regarding the ideas for the wedding reception dress that you need.

In case the reception will be held outside, you can have more casual clothing, but if it takes place in a ballroom, you can be sure that you need to be formal.

Too casual

When you are thinking about the wedding reception dress ideas you should forget about being too casual, such as wearing jeans, unless this is specified in the invitation. Even so, don’t forget that it is a wedding that we are talking about, and you shouldn’t get more casual than business attire.


In case of the ideas for the dress for the wedding reception you shouldn’t choose colors that are too bold or wild and the same thing is true for the patterns as well. These are those things that will make you stand out the way you don’t want to.

How about the weather?

Your comfort is also important when it comes to the wedding dress ideas and to make sure that you will feel good you should also consider the weather and the season in question. Before you make your choice you should check the weather report. This way you will know whether you need a coat or an umbrella.

The other people

It could also be useful regarding the ideas of dress for the wedding reception to know that kind of clothing that the other guests are going to wear. If you match your style to the style of the other people, there is no way for you to go wrong.

The bride and groom

In case you have absolutely no wedding reception dress ideas, you could always ask the bride and the groom. Naturally this is a last resort and you shouldn’t do so unless you are really close to the couple. If the invitation doesn’t offer any clues, and you can’t ask the other guests, this is the best option.

There are many options to consider when thinking about ideas of dresses for the wedding reception, but in the majority of the cases the people don’t really go wrong with the wedding dress ideas.



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