When you are looking for your wedding dress for sure you will consider different styles, including the traditional and alternative ones. Not to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities, you might be interested in some wedding dress ideas.

Princess dress or A-line dress for ideas for the wedding dress

The advantage of this style is that it is suitable for just any person. It embraces the waist making the bride look slimmer. On case you have wide hips this is the right kind of dress for you.

Wedding Dress IdeasWhen looking for ideas for the wedding dress you should know that in case of the tight bodice, your bust could end up looking smaller. Nonetheless there is nothing that some padding can’t take care of.

The padding could be added to the dress or find a suitable bra.

Ballerina dress

This is one of the best wedding dress ideas in case you would like to feel like a true princess on your wedding day. If you have a slim hip and a full bust, then this is the perfect dress for you.

Also you should know that this is considered to be one of the most romantic looks.

Nonetheless there are some things to avoid in case of such ideas for wedding dresses. If you don’t have a full bust, the dress could make your bust look smaller. Also you should avoid such dresses if you are petite, and the same thing applies if you have wide hips.

Column dress

These dresses are known for the straight skirt, which can also be created in a Grecian style. This is one of the wedding dress ideas that embrace the figure and so it is just great for the tall women. Also it can offer a great look for the petite women.

When thinking about ideas for wedding dresses of this kind keep in mind that since they embrace the body they could make the larger hips look even bigger, so if this is the case, the style is a huge no-no.

Empire line dress

This one of the wedding dress ideas is known for the details beneath the bust and since there is no structure at the waist, the skirt falls in a straight line. This kind of dress is the most suitable for those women who have a small bust and a large hip, because the dress creates a balance in the figure. The lines of the dress elongate the figure, making it perfect for the petite brides.

As it has been mentioned, this one of the ideas for wedding dresses makes brides taller, and so they aren’t really suitable in case of the tall brides. A heavy bustline also makes the dress unsuitable, because it makes the bust look larger.

You should know that there are some other wedding dress ideas as well that you might want to consider, and make the final choice based on your silhouette and also on your personal preferences to make sure the day will be perfect.



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