The wedding dress is a highlight, and if you go wrong somewhere, then everyone will remember. It is, therefore, extremely important that you take care of your wedding dress as much as possible.

When it comes to a wedding dress, you may go for a modern or traditional style, but whatever your choice is, you cannot deny the magic DIY touch-up will do.

In this article, we have come up with some really brilliant DIY hacks for all brides out there who wish to live the dream of sashaying the most beautiful wedding dress ever!

Five wedding dress hacks for the bride

Here are five DIY hacks for a wedding dress you must know:

1. Lace Wedding Gowns

There has always been elegance associated with lace wedding gowns, and you can easily achieve it without much effort.

Buy a standard plain wedding gown and then, purchase the lace of your taste. There are a number of guides available online that can help in expanding your choices.

Why bother buying customized lace wedding gowns, when you can make them yourself?

2. Fringe to the Wedding Gown

The idea of fringe on your wedding gown is incredible and has become increasingly popular, especially due to the efforts of designers based in the United Arab Emirates.

While the idea of buying a fringe wedding gown is always a good one, making one for yourself is even better. To make that happen, all you are required to do is to the purchasean attractive fringe and stitch it onto your gown.

The result will be a magical transformation of a plain wedding gown into a marvelous, elegant gown which will make everyone envious.

3. Colored Wedding Dress

In the western world, white has always been the wedding color, but, lately, weddings have become colorful. Once a taboo, a coloured wedding gown is gaining popularity and considered quite fashionable.

Choose colourful fringes to stitch on to a white gown, or you can get a colourful gown instead. While light colours are in vogue, some brides are now going for bold shades such as gold metallic or red.

Fill your wedding with joy and colours!

4. Crochet Wedding Dresses

One of the most brilliant DIY hacks is crocheting your wedding gown. If you are not familiar with crochet, you can get someone to do the job.

There are many crochet designs available for your wedding gowns, especially on online stores. Once you have chosen the right design, get to work.

The results will be awesome as you will come out as a really stylish but graceful bride-to-be!

5. A sash is a wonderful addition to the gown

One of the easiest DIY hacks on the list, a sash can really give an attractive look to the gown.

In the market, there are all kinds of materials and colours in which sashes are available. The centerpiece could be anything—mother’s pin, grandma’s brooch or any other object of affection.

You have no idea what a sash can do to your lovely wedding gown!


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