The wedding day is one of the most special days of a person’s life. A day that you will look back upon, to rejoice.Naturally, everyone wants to look their best on their special day. It is thus necessary to pick out the perfect dress. The wedding dress must fit the theme of your wedding, your body type and must also go with the trends.

Just like any other body type, even slim brides may face their share of challenges when selecting the wedding dress. Below are a few tips meant to assist anyone and everyone in choosing wedding dress for slim bride:

wedding dress for slim bride

Do Your Own Homework/ Research

Setting out to buy a wedding dress without doing research and gathering enough info about what will suit your body type the most is kind of a moot thing to do. Consult as many bridal magazines as you can, go to exhibitions, subscribe to online newsletters and gather info of what’s in trend and what’s not. Also, about what material, what cut, what design will go with your slim figure the most.

Use Art of Imagination

If you are facing difficulty picking out the right dress or even figuring out what might work the best for you on your day, one way to get over it is to imagine your wedding day in as much detail and possible. Then try to place each wedding dress idea you have came across into that setting to get a feel of what will work for you the most.

Consider Your Body Proportion

You might be slim but your height and body proportion will also hugely affect your look on the day.

For example if you are short then some of the dress types will not look good on you. Shorter brides can go with a ballerina style wedding dress. These dresses have a fitted body and a skirt that hits the mid of your calves.

If you are tall and have a slim top but a heavy bottom, then a ball gown style wedding dress with a full skirt. Shorter brides should avoid full skirts and get more fitted/ altered version of ball gown if you cannot completely avoid the design.

If you are the perfect mix of slim body and good height, then a mermaid cut dress will also look amazing on you.

The idea is to choose a wedding dress that compliments your body type, hides the flaws and accentuates the strengths.

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