If there is one thing that we can’t say about Vera Wang is that her collections are boring. She always manages to add something new to the world of fashion and she did the same thing this time as well. Her latest collection features bridal gowns in nude and black colors, throwing the fashion scene off balance.

Vera Wang Fall Wedding Gowns

Mermaid gown

One of the most interesting dresses that she presented was a black mermaid gown with a bias cut and a V neck. In order to make the dress even more daring, it came with an open back. The aim of the designer was to achieve a dress that is sexy and mysterious. If you like the style of the dress, but you don’t like the color, you can ask for it in ivory or white.

A-line dress

When thinking about this dress you don’t have to stick to a traditional A-line dress. As it has been mentioned before, the designer used nude as the color of the dresses. In this case there is a combination of nude and white. The bodice of the dress is nude and there are pieces of nude fabric falling down the skirt of the gown.



This is something like the mermaid dress in a nude color. Although at first the design seems to be pretty simple, at a second look you will see the subtle details given by the tulle wrapped around the dress. This dress is the most suitable for the women who don’t have problem areas around the tummy and the hips.


Another A-line dress that you might like also comes with two colors: nude and beige. In this case the majority of the dress is beige, but on the bottom part of it there is some nude. This way there is some accent on the dress and it becomes even more interesting.


If you are searching for a dress that looks more serious, consider a nude one. The dress that you should be looking for comes with a bodice that doesn’t have any tulle. This material is used only in case of the bottom part and there are also some details on the bottom part, bringing it to the center of attention.



The interesting thing about this dress is that it seems to have a straight line, but it is still really intriguing because of the details on the bodice and the bottom part.

photo credit: (www.marthastewartweddings.com)



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