One wedding and one bride. In the majority of the cases this is what people think about when receiving a wedding invitation. Although the guests will focus mainly on the bride, she also has to think about the looks of her bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids Dress

Among the newest collection of this season you will find some dresses that are meant to emphasize the feminine look and their majority is focusing on simplicity and natural beauty.

Regarding the length of the dress, the majority of the brides opt for knee-length dresses, but there are also some that prefer the floor-length dresses.

The cut is also very important when it comes to dresses. In this season the strapless dresses seem to be the number one favorite. These dresses draw the attention to the shoulders and the neck and so they create a really feminine look.

Naturally in this case there will be need for a quality strapless bra that must be properly fitted.

If you feel like the strapless dress isn’t really your thing, you might also consider choosing a one-shoulder look. This style has gained a lot of popularity lately because it offers a more urban look with a feminine touch.

In order to achieve a softer look, we might consider lace, beads, floral and sequin embellishment. Soft chiffon is also quite popular this season. Sashes and bows are used in order to put an accent on the natural waist of the bridesmaids for a more classic look.

The most fashionable colors seem to be the bright ones, such as fuchsia, orange, yellow, emerald, apple green and amethyst. Naturally there are some colors that are all-time favorites, including Navy, gray and chocolate brown.

The brides of nowadays often consider not enforcing their will upon the bridesmaids regarding the dress. The modern brides offer a variety of different dresses to choose from, so the bridesmaids can have a word to say when it comes to the color of the dress.




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