weddingdressIts summer time, we all want to be outdoors and enjoy this season as much as we can. Besides it only comes once a year.

Most flowers blossom and the water in the pool or sea looks enticing. For many different reasons, couples choose to get married in summer as well.

Summer, brings with it the hot blazing sun, so you have to consider this when you are deciding on your wedding dress.

You do not want something that is going to make you sweat a lot and hence make you feel very uncomfortable.

One of the most important things about your wedding day is that it’s the day you should remember for the rest of your life.

Your summer wedding dress should comprise of light and airy material. It allows the easy passage of air around you, thus keeps you cool and comfortable. For example, voile, cotton eyelet and chiffon just to mention a few.

If you are getting your dress made then take note of these types of materials. The choice of material depends on your style of dress. If the style of dress requires some heavy material then try a combination of the two, both the heavy and the light.

Fabrics such as silk and satins just feel heavy and clingy. This will make you feel uncomfortable and hot.

The color of your wedding dress should be bright and lively. You should only consider this point if you want to shift away from the traditional white dress.

White is perfect for any season and any venue but it does not mean you cannot play around with the bright cheery colors. Summer time is a cheery time after all.

The style of the wedding dress is the main component in our decision making. Because it’s the style that initially attracts you when choosing the dress.

It’s also the style that most people will look at when you walk in through the door or through the lovely display of flowers if it’s an outdoor wedding. Go for strapless dresses, normally referred to as the ’boob tube.’ Also available are halter neck designs and spaghetti strap choices.

Your wedding dress need not be long. You can shorten it for a different look from the traditional long dresses, preferably knee length size.

But this does not mean that it will be too hot to put on the long dress that you have always wanted. I’m sure if you shop around you will come across full length gowns that are light weight.

It’s your summer wedding so make the best of it by choosing the best summer wedding dress.



  1. I have to agree so many people make mistakes when picking their wedding dress for that once in alife time day, and some will have to leave with that for the rest of their life.Once again a very valuable tip.Thanks


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