Everyone wants to be creative and different as far as their wedding dress is concerned. While it is true that you must choose a magnificent dress for the most special day of your life but it is important to not go for anything outrageous. It is better to play safe rather than go over-creative and make a mistake.  After all this day and its photographs will remain with you throughout your life and you wouldn’t want to wear anything that you regret forever. So here are a few tips and suggestions on what not to wear on your wedding day.

things not to wear on your wedding day

Leather Jackets

No matter how much in trend leather jackets may be but wearing one on your big day can be a big mistake.  Not only are they inappropriate for the wedding day but are also too casual and sporty.

High-Low Gowns

Another piece of clothing which you must avoid wearing on your wedding day is a high-low gown. Though these gowns are really in trend at present but they look good in parties and other occasions. For your wedding, you must choose a unilayered simple and classic gown.

Colored Gowns

Wedding is one occasion when you must avoid picking a colored gown, no matter how unique bride you wish to be. It is better to stick with a white or cream one since it is a safe option and doesn’t make you look out of place.


For both the bride and the groom, wearing shorts on your wedding day can be a mistake and a strict no-no. Shorts are too casual for the occasion and are inappropriate for such a special day of your life.


Another thing that you must not wear on the special day of your life is a cap or a hat. Caps and hats are not only inappropriate but may not even match with your wedding outfit. They will be looked at by all of your guests with surprising or rather shocking looks.

Uncomfortable Footwear

Since wedding day is one day when you don’t want to trip down and fall, it is better to go for only comfortable footwear. Don’t wear heels that you can’t carry or shoes which make your feet swell. Always practice walking in the footwear that you plan to wear to at your wedding.


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