wedding dress1Wedding dress of the bride is centre of attraction in the wedding ceremony.

As wedding dress of the bride is centre of attraction, the dress must be awesome and should bring a lovely ambience to the wedding ceremony.

The wedding dress must satisfy several aspects of wedding and still be able to bring out the ideology of the bride.

Proper care must be taken when selecting the wedding dress. Selection process can be overwhelming for some brides as wedding dress or gown have varied ranges and designs.

The wedding dress selection must go on some rules and regulations to avoid the unnecessary tensions.

Things to remember when selecting wedding dress:

The wedding dress must be chosen according to the most important considerations of the wedding such as:

  • Wedding theme or type: What is the wedding type or theme? Every theme has its own requirements in the selection of wedding dress. So enquire properly and see that the wedding dress you selected matches the wedding theme requirements. For example: If you have chosen beach theme and selected country wedding dress, this will make the dress detached from the theme and make you look awkward.
  • Your style or personality: There is statement “tell me what you wear to your wedding and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are?” so, whatever dress you choose, it must show your personality. Do not wear anything that is inconvenient to you, even though that is tradition. See that if you can make any comfortable alterations in the traditional wedding dress and make the dress match your personality.
  • Budget: There is no rule that only authorized designer can give you perfect dress. Many feel that spending hand full of bucks can only give them stylish and elegant dresses. But this is myth; you can have elegant dress in small budget. Ask your personal tailor, can he/she stitch wedding dress if you provide him with a design? See for all possible conditions and then select a wedding dress in budget.
  • Color: If you have planned ethnic wedding, then your wedding dress need not be in white color. Even according to the tradition, wedding dress must be white color, but this is not mandatory. Divorcees will not wear white wedding dress and brides getting wed in ethnic theme need not wear white wedding dress. Red is the most common color used in ethnic wedding as this is the symbol of love, joy, fertility.


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