This is an important pre-wedding question for the groom: will you rent a tuxedo or hire one for the occasion? There are several factors you should consider before making up your mind about whether you want to rent a tux or buy it.

  • If you have the kind of social life that includes formal dos and black tie affairs then you would likely need a tux for more occasions than just the wedding day. In this case you may want to consider making the investment to actually buy the tux as against renting it.
  • Consider your budget – if buying a tux is out of the budget range then it is best to rent one. Buying a tux is not cheap – it can cost 700 dollars or more – renting one could be between 50 and 200 dollars.
  • And it isn’t just the jacket and the trousers (with the distinctive stripe down the side) –accessories such as the bow tie, a cummerbund and so on are also needed; so you could end up forking out a lot for the tux than imagined.
  • Consider the grooms men as well when deciding to buy or rent a tux – it is not fair to expect them to fork out for buying the tux when you yourself are renting it; plus you could get a well coordinated look if the groom as well as the grooms men all decide to hire.
  • You could consider buying a tux on the cheap from websites such as Cheap Tux.


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