No matter if you decide to buy or rent your wedding gown there are certain steps that you should follow in order so your dress will not become your enemy during your wedding.

Everyone at a certain point has attended a wedding where the first impression was “how beautiful is the bride” and the conclusion at the end of reception turned into “what a burden for her to carry around that dress”.

A future bride should know that even the most experienced people get to a point when unpredictable can overcome the best of the arrangement and the wedding dress is no exception.

The first step is to make up your mind what is more important: the design or the color. Based on that decision you would be able to cut down the time you spend hunting for the dress.

Very few brides have the privilege of having a dress especially designed for them so the rest have to find the perfect fit able to compliment their silhouette.

The secret is to keep it simple. When going out to choose a dress take somebody with you and make that somebody be the friend in whose opinion you trust the most.

The mirrors inside the wedding shop tend to compliment you and so do the sales persons, but a clear opinion about the way you look will help you decide better.

Tell your friend to take pictures of you wearing the dresses you try on. This way when you get home you will be able to make an idea about how you look in the dress that caught your eyes. The result may surprise you.

It is important that you reserve a while for choosing the perfect dress. After looking at yourself inside the photography you will see how and why a certain dress is good or bad for your figure.

Every bride must be conscious that a wedding gown can look amazing on a dummy inside a window shop, but once put on the fabric, the cut and style may not be what she is looking for.

Related to this, the brides should keep in mind that the most expensive dress is not usually the best as well as that a cheap dress will never “flow” around you since the fabric that is made of is not exactly the best.

All the brides must make a note to try on the dress every once in a while before the wedding, especially if the dress is bought months before. This routine will help the bride see how she can move inside the dress and if the dress allows here to be comfortable.

This will save the bride the “surprise” of carrying a burden on her wedding day and not the perfect dress meant to help her create the dream memory of the best day of her life.



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