In case you are going to choose your bridal gown and you feel like you don’t have a choice, here are few tips how to choose the right gown for the biggest day of your life.

Many brides consider the unconventional wedding dress as the best, because it is different and typically represents uniqueness, even on the wedding day. Forget the classy silhouette, if you want an artistic gown. Go for untraditional colors such as light green, light blue, lemon and even red.

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Lately most of the designers are creating unusual gowns, for they are a symbol and present something different to any bride. Cotton is also trendy fabric; despite it isn’t that lavish as the common wedding fabrics.

Satin is no longer the modern fabric, when it comes to wedding. Lace and fur have turned to a super hit, therefore don’t hesitate to choose a wedding gown made out of white lace and fur.

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The tradition goes for long dresses, but the super short wedding gowns are already praised as the best for bold brides to be.  Carolina Herrera latest bridal collection is devoted to the brides that love fashion.

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The designer’s gowns looks more as a luxury dress than a wedding gown, but the color in her collection is the classy white. You can choose between thousands of combinations, but the real hit is the transparent wedding mini gown that is combined with tiny golden belt. It is bold and an extravagant decision, but it is surely unique.

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In case you want something close to the traditional look, but yet different, check the Monique Lhuilliers wedding collection. Her gowns are really made for princesses, but the only difference is that they are made out of feathers.

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A feather on the wedding gown is a super artistic element and recently the unconventional brides are choosing that accent as a main one in their bridal outfits. Hats are also welcomed and surprisingly they look great in a combination with classy wedding gown.

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Actually they are exactly the refined detail that turns your look into a different and modern one.  The debut in the world of the wedding collections this year belongs to Victoria Beckham. She really did an amazing collection for brides with different taste and visions.

 bridal gowns 7

 Her gowns look ready to be worn by Greek Goddesses as they are simple, clean and long. White Egyptian Cotton and comfortable fabrics are another reasons to choose Beckham’s first wedding collection.



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