The perfect tuxedo is not easy to choose. There are various tuxedos, which can suit your groom, but even in the tuxedo fashion there are rules, which help every groom to choose the best tuxedo there is for him.

tuxedosIf the groom is short and a bit fat the double-breasted model tuxedo is perfect for him. Those tuxedos, which are single-breasted, are good choice for all type of figures, but those with two buttons are proper decision only for taller men.

If your future husband is well fitted, then he can go for tuxedo with high vest and different patterns and colors.

tuxedoThe tuxedos with peaked lapels are great variant for shorter men and improve the proportion by making the body look taller.

The choice for shawl collar shall be made very carefully, because if the groom has wide body, this will make him look even bigger than he is. Shawl collars fits well only with vertical line jackets.



  1. Yes, it can be really hard to choose the perfect tuxedo for a groom,as there are various tuxedos available in the market.The information provided here is very helpful in choosing the best tuxedo.Thanks a lot….

  2. Exactly what a beautiful creative way of generating jewellery and I can imagine any kind of little girl (and big) can be in absolute heaven producing and receiving one of those. We couldn’t tell it was almost all made from paper – fantastic.


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