casual wedding dressFor many of us, a wedding’s focal point is the wedding dress and that in order for that fairy tale wedding to become a reality, it is necessary to have a wedding dress that is equally as well a fairy tale dress, a confection that is straight out of the story books.

However for some a casual wedding dress is a great option for several reasons:

  • You will end up paying a fortune for your traditional wedding dress, that beautiful dream dress marks your special day. By contrast a casual wedding dress will save you a lot of money, so when on a small budget, a casual wedding dress is something that makes a lot of sense.
  • Also a traditional wedding dress is not exactly something that you can wear for any other occasion, and many women think that it is a waste that you cannot wear your special dress more than once. A causal wedding dress is something that you can wear often and repeatedly.
  • For many women the swathes and flounces and decorative elements of a traditional dress just won’t do; sometimes they don’t suit either the personality of the bride of her looks.

So for all of these reasons, a causal wedding dress is an excellent idea for many women.



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