When it comes to weddings everything becomes extremely important and this is why the mother of the bride would want to look perfectly stylish for the big day of her daughter.

If you want to be a stylish mother of the bride and you are about to choose mother of the bride outfits there are a few things you should consider.

Stylish look vs. flashy appearance

For sure you know that you shouldn’t steal the attention from the bride. Your outfit should be trendy but the colors should be delicate. Choose mild colors but stay away from white, cream and related nuances since they are reserved for the bride. You must avoid glittering fabrics, rhinestones and spectacular hair accessories because standing out in this way is anything but stylish.

The classy look is always a good idea

When choosing mother of the bride outfits you must consider the type of wedding your daughter wishes to have. A three pieces corset, skirt and jacket is the ideal choice for a garden wedding, while a long taffeta gown is perfect for traditional church wedding. If you are a fan of more casual outfits, you can always choose a pants suit but keep in mind that it should not be black or office style.

A touch of glam

Most mothers of the bride outfits come with some sort of shinny accessory. In case you want to add a bit of glamour to your gown but avoid overlaying a bunch of accessories that will suffocate the whole ensemble, you can choose to wear a piece of statement jewelry. A precious family heirloom, like a pendant, necklace or bracelet can make the difference if you choose a classic mother of the bride outfit.

Consider the big picture

Most weddings are built on a certain pattern so the mother of the bride outfit should be part of the image that the bride has when imagining her big day. This is why you should consider the color of the dresses, the bridesmaids will have. You should not wear the same color but keeping close to same color range is always a good idea.

Also you may want to make sure that the mother of the groom will not be invisible when by your side. It is polite to inquire what she will wear. It is not mandatory to wear the same outfit but taking her style into consideration will show a lot of grace from your part.



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