Bridal dresses reflect the theme of the wedding, tradition and personal preference of the couple. They are the main attraction of the event and the fabric used is of utmost importance.

Chiffon, satin and lace are the most common, especially in white. These are considered extravagant, flamboyant and radiate the required ambience.

Modern trends have brought about a transformation in the traditional approach to weddings, and while not always dramatic, they are certainly eye-catching.


Adelaide wedding dress is a one- piece, strapless, A-line gown with corset closure. The main feature of this gorgeous satin gown is a glistening jeweled bodice.

An asymmetrical wrap waist is highlighted with a spray of beading. The back of the gown is accentuated with cascading pleats embellished with jeweled accents. It is available in three different colors – white, diamond white and light gold. [ via ]

Jean Marie

This sparkling wedding gown features an embellished lace bodice with a sheer, illusion waist highlighted with a contrasting ribbon sash.

Exterior boning included in the dress further enhances the look of this stunning style. The caught-up organza draped skirt at the bottom of the dress is speckled with shiny lace embellishments and reveals a scalloped lace edge. [ via ]



  1. Awesome wedding gowns!i really love Jean Marie wedding’s simply stunning! i wish i could buy it for my wedding. Many thanks for the great post!


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