No matter what style your wedding may have, you can be sure that you will make a statement with a simple wedding dress.

This is why there are a lot of women looking for simple wedding dress ideas. Don’t forget that simple doesn’t necessarily mean poor taste.

Simple Wedding Dress Ideas

The advantages of the ideas of simple wedding dresses

If you have a simple dress you can be sure that it will never go out of style and you won’t have your grandchildren laughing at your wedding photos. Another advantage might be that you will be able to wear the dress to other occasions as well. You can be sure that such a dress will offer you a simple, elegant and classic look.

How to find the dress?

The truth is that it may be difficult to find ideas for wedding dresses that are simple. This is because the majority of the brides would like to have tulle, lace, gossamer and sweeping fabrics on their big day.

It may be easier to find the dress you are looking for if you forget about the traditional sources of inspiration.

Where to look for simple wedding dress ideas?

It may be a good idea to take a look at bridesmaids catalogues or at catalogues with dresses for special events, such as prom.

Another possibility you have is to consider the vintage dresses. The vintage weddings are gaining more and more popularity and it could give your big day a special touch.

Auction sites

The future brides looking for tips for wedding dresses that are simple should take a look at auction sites such as e-Bay or Etsy. It may also be a good idea to give the local flea market a shot. Most probably the dress will have to be altered, but you can be sure that it will be worth it.


In case you are looking for simple wedding dress ideas you should know that a simple dress is the blank canvas you need to create a personalized dress. If you like vintage things you may add a family heirloom to your dress. You can find such items in thrift shops and flea markets as well.

Ideas and simple wedding dress tips

The simple wedding dress ideas include adding a brooch to your dress. A special hairpiece or dropping earrings will also look magnificent with a simple dress. If you have a beach party or garden party, you could incorporate some flowers in your outfit as well.



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