The new collection of wedding dresses from Amsale Abera was not less surprising than most of her work so far: soft silky materials, elegant cuts, almost all of them revealing the shoulders and the upper part of the back, giving the bride a sensual look without risking to be too daring.

The accessories were a bit left behind this time, for the accent falls mainly on the dress and the mood it creates, making jewels and purses look rather unimportant.

On the other hand, that is precisely how Abera started her work as a wedding dresses designer, in 1985; when she was asked to create an elegant piece for film executive Neil Brown.

Once she did that, she opened a new trend in the field. At the time all the dresses on the market were too full of ornaments, states Abera, and I was sure many brides were not looking for that, but for a clean elegant style, which I started to work on inside of my New York loft, for a start.

She really wanted the brides, whose dresses she designed, to be happy and content when they look at their pictures. That is how “the modern wedding dress” appeared, and the 2010 collection of the designer does not cease to surprise us.

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  1. Wow,these are some great outfits.I’m surprisingly wowed by this collection.Amsale Abera is such a great wedding dress designer.Her designs are always chic,stylish and unique.I love her collections.I wish to get my wedding dress from Amsale Abera’s collection.


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