There is something really fascinating about vintage wedding dresses. Aside from its value that can’t be compared from what you mostly see around, the history that comes with it is more than what the price that you’ll pay for.

While some women are earnestly trying to look their best in their wedding by means of putting on the best designer wedding dresses they can find, there are still some who would rather be donned in vintage wedding dresses.

What’s vintage?

vintage wedding dressesWhen you say “vintage” it defines an item that is more than 40 years old.

What’s good about the fashion industry today is that, they do give appreciation to vintage wedding dresses.

This only proves that wearing vintage wedding dresses on your wedding is not really out of style as what many would think of.

The great things about the availability of vintage wedding dresses are those, they are not just limited to one decade. They can go from way back 1930’s or even before that. You can choose to have any era and still look classy and attractive.

You’ll notice that most classic dresses have that creamy, faded color. That is just normal probably because it has been stuck in the closet for many years without being thrown in the laundry. But that is actually the essence of a vintage wedding dress. The color represents character which is very much admired by many vintage lovers.

Why wear a vintage wedding dress?

  • Vintage is always classy and elegant no matter what, especially those that came out from the 40’s and 50’s era. This is the generation where women are found to be graced with charm and glamour.Vintage wedding dresses at this time are more feminine and that it holds a great story of womanhood and artistry. Wearing one on your wedding day can surely make heads turn.
  • Most vintage wedding dresses are adorned with classy beadworks and are mostly made of satin materials, alongside with unique and impressive embroidery. Try looking for pictures of the vintage wedding dresses worn by Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly.

    These two women were married way back in 1950’s and they are donned with a classic wedding dress. Here you’ll see the sophistication and glamour in every seam of the dress. Every era shows a different look in vintage wedding dresses and it sends off a message about the one wearing the dress.
  • Vintage wedding dresses are very affordable. So you can just imagine how much you’ll be able to save by wearing something vintage yet classy at the same time without overspending.

Where to look for a vintage wedding dress?

There are actually a lot of places where you can find one. Of course, you cannot expect to find one in modern boutiques and fashion houses. Rather, you can head straight to a vintage store or an antique shop. You should know, however, that these stores are quite difficult to find especially in these times of modern and trendy fashion. In this case, you can try your luck in finding an online store that offers vintage dresses.



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