When the big decision has been made, and you are going to get married to the man of your dreams. The sky seems bluer than usual, the flowers a little brighter. The days will go by in a whirl as you countdown to your marriage day, yet The Day will always seem so far away. You would be on your way to getting that ‘bridal glow’, and everything around you will seem so much better.

Not everything would be peaches and cream, though. With a wedding comes the responsibility of taking care of your partner and you need to get used to sharing your space and stuff with them. The thought of losing your independence might give you jitters for sure, but as you start planning for the wedding, some more immediate concerns hit you – the venue, guest list, decorations, food… the long list of things to worry about for your wedding day can be really stressful. And for a bride-to-be, one of the biggest stress factors is to choose her wedding dress.  So let us try to help you on that last one, and tell you 5 ways you can select your perfect wedding dress.

5 Ways You Can Select Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Use Social Media

You have a great variety of wedding dress styles and colours to choose from even before you step out of the house. The easiest of the 5 ways you can select your perfect wedding dress  is to harness the power of social media. Go to Pinterest, for example, and browse through the thousands of images you see there. The benefit of doing this is that you can look at the choices at your own pace and take your time to think about them, instead of rushing in to a boutique and having to do your selection in a rush.

Think About The Where and When

You need to keep in mind the venue and the dates of the wedding when you select your perfect wedding dress, so that you don’t end up choosing something that is uncomfortable for you or feels out of place in the setting you have chosen to get married in. A dress that looks good on someone else might not work for you if the place and time are different.

Body Shape

An awareness of your own body type is one of the most important because a dress is only as good or bad as how it drapes on the wearer. You know which cuts highlight your better features, and which help hide your flaws. If you are not sure, ask for help from the professionals or ask your close friends for advise.

Don’t Go Solo

You don’t want your friends pointing out a flaw, even if it is a minor one, on the day of the wedding. Take a close friend along for all your selection or fitting visits, preferably someone who has a good eye for such things.

The Details

This is what most of the people do not pay attention to as they are struck up doing more important things but this holds its own significance and should not be ignored. Do not forget to spend time in the selection of correct undergarments and accessories. It is always a good idea to bring your jewellery or other accessories to the fitting, so you can try them on with the gown and see if any changes are required anywhere.


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