Fashion in India and a number of other South Asian nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, comprises of saree and blouse as essential aspects. This South Asian fashion attire not only renders women a grandeur and elegance, it also gives them a unique strength of personality and brings out their physical aesthetics beautifully yet in a dignified manner.

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The blouse is an integral part of a saree. In fact, a saree is incomplete without a blouse. Majority sarees come with their individual blouse pieces that need to be cut out and made separately. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot buy separate blouses or blouse pieces for your sarees.

The blouse pieces coming with the sarees are in tune with the main saree design and they definitely compliment your looks on traditional occasions. While the separate blouses you buy are more of a contrasting type since there you have the liberty to buy different shades and designs to go with a number of sarees.


Nowadays, you can buy saree blouse of different designs and patterns. The backless ones are definitely ruling the roost for now, with equal emphasis on the halterneck ones. Sarees with rich mirror work and embroidery works go great with the plain toned blouses since they render a wonderful contrasting effect and you can also buy fitting jewellery for the same.

Another popular designer blouse types is the noodle strap blouses. The sleeveless blouses with varying neck designs give you the liberty to take your pick and dress up in something new every day. After all variety is the spice of life.

A long sleeved backless blouse with zardosi or heavy embroidered sarees definitely adds to the oomph factor of the wearer. Choosing the right blouse, fabric, design, cut and size is very important to create the right impression. Always go for a comfortable cloth like cotton.

A blouse should have minimal design on its body, a sleek design on the sleeves and q thin neckline would look appealing and stylish at the same time. In case your neckline has a gorgeous design, you might avoid wearing a necklace then.

Getting a blouse stitched is probably the toughest part. You should never get enamored by the designs wore by other women. However, the important thing to consider here is that whether it fits you or not. Your blouse cutting and shape should match your appearance. If you are installing a bit chubby then a half sleeve, three quarter sleeved or a full sleeve blouse would look better.

A padded blouse will compliment your looks aptly. On the contrary, the sleeveless blouses are best for the ones with a perfectly shaped body.

To learn about the best blouse fittings and modern stitches, you should visit the local tailor shops where the tailoring specialists give you a clear idea about the right designs and patterns in blouse making.

You can find information online in various fashion sites and articles. But a hands-on training about the measurements can be acquired only from a professional tailor. You can now get designer blouses made to fit your sarees, with exclusive ideas taken from various designer websites that showcase the latest products in market.

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