Planning a wedding can be very time consuming as well as expensive. If you’re on a tight budget and would like to celebrate this occasion in a simple way, you are heading on the right track. Weddings do not have to be glamorous and big, you can also have it small and simple.

informal wedding dressesOne thing to save up on your wedding is to choose informal wedding dresses. There are several ways you can acquire and incorporate these informal dresses to your wedding.

Types of informal wedding dresses

  • Evening wear: Evening gowns are considered informal wedding dresses too. Because of their casual look and cut, they can be considered as one of the wedding dresses that can be worn during the occasion.
  • Short wedding dresses: A short wedding dress is the most common informal wedding dress you can wear. Most designers have improved their dresses to a revolutionary cut. This is because of the increasing demand for informal but sophisticated dresses.
  • Accessories: Accessorizing your gown can turn it into something elegant and sophisticated, or a total disadvantage to your attire. Choose carefully your accessories; they dictate some of the level of formality in your dress. A formal wedding dress can be turned into something informal with a touch of extreme accessorizing.
  • Vintage look: Vintage look or wedding dresses that are based on 60’s design are known to be informal, simple but chic. A bride who can make wonders with vintage look can try this informal wedding dress. Again, accessorizing will enable you to depict what level of formality you want to show.
  • Color: Color has given wonders in informal wedding dresses. While most brides choose to wear a white informal dress, some would go for a different color. One advantage of picking another color other than white is its other purpose of an evening wear. Some brides who are practical enough will go for this style, besides its economical, the dress is not wasted by keeping it inside the closet.
  • Beach wedding: Informal wedding dresses are most popular in beach or outdoor weddings. Its chic and sophisticated style has all the advantages in these outdoor weddings.
  • Column: This type of an informal wedding dress has a molding fit to the body that starts from the chest part all the way to the floor. It possesses simple design and cut without the elaborate fluffy design of the traditional formal dress.

Whatever your choice of dress is, make sure that you have the design you really want. Informal wedding dresses are easy to find as well as practical and economical. Its re-usability is probably its best characteristic as brides nowadays rely more on practical solutions rather than expensive formal dresses that is a potential hanging accessory in your closet forever. These kinds of dresses are also easy to maintain and you don’t need cleaners to clean them.

Have fun in choosing your wedding dress, avoid rushing and make sure to have all the details you need and want for your bridal gown.



  1. For me, this short wedding dresses is quite elegant when you celebrate outdoor wedding, with a casual theme.


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