For sure you have been fantasizing about your wedding day for a long time, and maybe these fantasies include non traditional wedding dresses. If this is the case you should know that there are a lot of options to choose from.

Sundress as one of the non traditional wedding dresses

If you are planning a casual or beach themed wedding, this might be the right kind of dress to go for. It can be characterized as a non-formal dress that is just perfect for the summer weddings. Since there is no top, you can feel the sun on your skin. Some of the most popular dresses include the ones with short hemlines and low necklines.

Non Traditional Wedding DressesShort dress

In case you are looking for wedding dresses that aren’t traditional and you have nice looking legs, these dresses are just perfect for you. These dresses are really fashionable, and they are often used as nonconventional wedding dresses.

A good option to be thinking about is to have a mini dress with a longer cape as a wedding dress that isn’t traditional. Still you might not be into capes, and then all you need is a short white dress. The dresses are very feminine, and you can be sure that you will feel sexy and comfortable in the same time,

Dresses with colors

There is no actual rule that the wedding dresses have to be white, and so when looking for wedding dresses that aren’t traditional, you could consider to add a bit of color to them.

Although the white is meant to symbolize purity and fresh starts, the trends are shifting away from white. This is why there are a lot of brides opting for non traditional wedding dresses that come in different colors. If you would like to keep something of the white dress, you could have a bit of color added to the white base.

Heritage dress

When it comes to heritage dresses as wedding dresses that aren’t traditional you could choose a dress that reflects on your husband’s or on your heritage. There are a lot of styles to choose from. There is the Chinese kimono, Celtic dress, Indian sari, or traditional Native American dresses. These kinds of non traditional wedding dresses work even better in case the theme of the wedding is a cultural one.

Wedding costume

It is possible that you aren’t happy with the wedding dresses that aren’t traditional that you can find, and so you may want to create one on your own. An option you have is to create something in the style of Hollywood with a splash of glamour. On the other hand you could also go for the sophisticated and sleek style.

When it comes to non traditional wedding dresses keep in mind that this is your day and you get to have everything your way. This also includes the wedding dress, so don’t be shy and go for whatever style you have in mind. This way you can make your dreams come true.



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