While modern usually works for the weddings, it can become a bit boring, because everybody is going for this style.

However, if you want something different, think about the modern vintage style wedding dresses. These are just as elegant as the modern ones, but they have a little extra.

Modern Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

Chapel train

If you don’t want a ball gown as a wedding dress, this might be the best style for you. The dress that we are referring to comes with lace, crystal beading, pearls, sequins and organza flowers. If you don’t like the strapless option, you could have the dress with spaghetti straps.

Keep it simple

If the chapel train is the best solution for you regarding the vintage and modern wedding dresses, but you would like to have something simpler, choose a V neck dress that has lace over charmeuse, crystal beading, rhinestones and pearls. The look of the dress is simple, yet very elegant.

Not so simple

You might see that the modern vintage style wedding dresses usually come with a chapel train. This dress also has this kind of train but it has soft net over the satin, crystal beading, rhinestones, sequins, pearls and metallic accents. Again, you can choose from the strapless dresses or the ones with spaghetti straps.

In bloom

In case you would like your modern vintage wedding gown to grab the attention of everybody, you should go for those that come with floral details. This dress has soft net over satin and it has rhinestones, pearls, crystal beading, sequins, and soft net flowers.


This is a characteristic that all women are searching for regarding the modern vintage style wedding dresses.  Again, this dress comes with net over summer organza and lace and in some places the lace is embroidered. For accents crystal beading, rhinestones and sequins are used. If you don’t want to have a strapless dress, you have the possibility to have spaghetti or lace straps.

Lace accents

Another option that you have regarding the vintage modern wedding gown is the V neck. The material is lace over charmeuse and it is decorated with pearls, crystal beading and satin flowers. Just as you might have guessed, the dress comes with a chapel train.

Luckily for you, there are a lot of options when it comes to modern vintage style wedding dresses for you to choose from for the big day.


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