The truth is that in the majority of the cases when people are thinking about wedding dresses, they have in mind the princess style dresses, but there are also the knee length wedding dresses. We have to admit that these look less formal than the other ones, but they have some advantages too.

Body shape to fit the knee length wedding dresses

Just as in the case of the traditional wedding gowns, these dresses also offer you the possibility to choose from different types of waists, like empire waists and drop waists, not to mention that there are the ones that have corsets and there are the ones that don’t. You should also consider the V neckline.

Knee Length Wedding DressesDecoration

When it comes to the decoration of the wedding dresses of knee length, you should know that these are just the same as the decorations of the other dresses. For sure you will find beads, pearls, and flowers of different materials and embellishments.

No more fear

The brides shouldn’t be afraid of the wedding dresses of knee length. These are most suitable for the brides with nice legs, but also for those who don’t want to be annoyed by the fact that the long dress is making them uncomfortable.

Most probably you won’t spend the entire evening standing on your feet, and this is why you also have to consider the fact that sitting down is a lot easier when you have a wedding dress of knee length. In case of the princess wedding gowns it might be quite tricky to get in seated positions.

Wedding shoes

We have to admit that although the long dresses look very nice, we also have to find the perfect shoes, which most probably won’t be seen because of the long dress. On the other hand, in case of the knee length wedding dresses you don’t have to worry about this and you get to show off your shoes.


Although a lot of brides won’t really think about this, during the summer it might be far better to have a wedding dress of knee length than a long dress because you most probably will have to dance, which means that you will be hot, and you might even start sweating. Now that’s not a nice sight.


There are some brides who don’t mind to wear the knee length wedding dresses without leggings, while for some this might be the worst nightmare. If you feel more comfortable, you should go for the leggings, but then comes another question: what kind of leggings?

Since we are talking about wedding dresses of knee length, you could go for the simple ones, to look more elegant. Nonetheless if you would like to show your playful side as well, you could also opt for lace leggings. Don’t forget that this is your event, and you make the rules.



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